Structural Resources

SIQAS’s General Directorate is responsible for the management, monitoring, evaluation and coordination of the systems. The General Directorate is functionally linked to the organic units and provides all the necessary material and human resources to achieve the defined goals.

All the equipment involved in the several tasks and processes is an intrinsic part of our infrastructures, since it is essential for carrying out the activities. We take great pride in the abundance of resources we put at the service of our customers.

Operational Resources

We have at your disposal a set of internal and external means of communication, as well as awareness and training courses in order to ensure the fulfillment of the responsibilities by all employees..

  • Welcoming the collaborator
  • Task organizing sheets
  • Management board in sight
  • Documentation Control
  • Specific awareness actions
  • Provision of information to local authorities and communities regarding any incidents
  • Response to communications concerning environmental and occupational health and safety matters from any external interested party

Human Resources

All activities of relevance to environmental and safety promotion, or to the operation of the management system, are directed and carried out by proper and extremely qualified professionals.

Given the importance we place in our employees and suppliers whose activities, products and services, have environmental impacts and occupational safety and health risks, we ensure the adequate training of each one of them. We attest knowledge and understanding, investing on their individual performance.

We develop actions that aim to develop a sane and healthy work environment.

Through these actions, we motivate the satisfaction of our employees and, consequently, of our customers, as we provide the certainty of our best performance.

Good Practices

Every single year, SIQAS evaluates the satisfaction of its customers. The company performs at least one internal audit of the systems it integrates, covering all procedures.

The company is also annually subjected to external audits by the certification body, to determine the degree of compliance with the requirements, work instructions and use of model procedures under the certified standards, resulting in the issuance of a report.

Monthly, SIQAS evaluates and discloses the internal indicators of its clients.
We also keep records of all legal documents and other applicable, ensuring the implementation of the necessary actions for their correct compliance.

Everything you need so that your business can be at its best.