SIQAS exists because success is not about discovering a formula, but finding a business conscience.

In order to become a real source of income, a business must be approached as a sustainable asset.

SIQAS – Integrated Systems for Quality, Environment and Safety – was founded on June 2009, with the responsibility to preserve the sustainability of businesses based in Mozambique, through the warranty of a good relational environment with their human resources, as well as with the local and social context in which they are established.

According to Cláudia Cardoso, founder of SIQAS, one must be aware that there’s absolutely no better way to achieve and maintain success – no matter the business eld – than to ensure the best working conditions for employees and to respect the local territory and community where it is integrated. That’s why the company adresses foundational areas with its work expertise, ensuring corporate compliance with the necessary requirements of quality, environment, health and safety at work, and food safety, throughout the national territory.